During my candle gazing meditation, while attending yoga teacher training, the vision of a yellow cupcake appeared with a green cherry on top. No induced darkness but sweet, colourful, fun and joyous experience. This is how yoga should be and approached with a smile on any face, accessible to everyone.

Every moment of our life is yoga - the union of mind, body and soul. Performing asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) or meditation simply show us where we are at that moment; whether we are resisting the situation in our life, or accepting of the circumstances. The practice is respectful towards our daily activities, workload and emotional state. Each day brings on a new essence just like the wonderful mixture of cupcake flavours. How we lead and perceive our lives has a great influence on our yoga practice; the possibility to adapt yoga to our personal needs from ayurvedic perspective is there to guide our mind , breath and body towards achieving a healthier, relaxed, content and balanced life.